Hot Tub Service and Repair

Service Info

Full Service Contract $150.00- Full service is for short term rentals or heavily used private hot tubs. Two checks a week, usually a Thursday and Monday. This is the level of service we recommend when a unit is being rented short term.

Weekly Service Contract $100.00- This service is for people who live or rent full time, but do not require interaction with a management company for arrivals. This service includes one check every seven days, and is not recommended for short term.

Limited Service Contract $60.00- Here we have service that is preferred for hot tubs that receive less traffic than full service tubs and includes two checks a month. This service is not available for rentals, and if we feel that we are unable to keep the tub clean, we will ask that the service level be raised.

 All tub service includes chemicals (when using a bromine system), balancing of water, vacuuming, rinsing of filters (some company’s do not do this), replace lost water.

Twice a year SC Hot Tubs will open the equipment area and look for leaks and possible problems (this is not done by most company’s). Snow removal is done for covers and stairs only. Non contracted service is available, just add $20.00 to any service plan.

 Any service calls or additional trips will be billed at $30.00. Repairs and maintenance on hot tubs is billed at a rate of $80.00 per hour (one hour minimum) plus parts. Tubs not under contract will be billed at $95.00 per hour.
Drain, Clean & Fill $50.00- The tub is drained of old water, cleaned of debris and filled with clean water, then a proper balance of chemicals. These are done on a as needed basis. **Drains can cost up to 75.00, if the water pressure is weak or if its a slow well. Another instance would be if we had to drain the hot tub into a toilet.

Hot Tub Shut Downs $175- Shut downs are for owners who are looking to have their tubs shut down properly. This includes draining water, blowing out lines and vacuuming out the tub. The filter is removed and the power turned off. Now your hot tub is ready the next time you want it up and running. If your cover lets in water you may need a tarp to keep the inside dry. For an additional fee of $25.00 SC HT will tarp and bungee the hot tub.This service is important in the Rockies, temperatures dip below freezing even in the summer. Hot tubs are expensive to repair and this service can save you big time.

Hot tub service and repair summit county colorado

Hot tub service and repair summit county colorado


Dependable Pool Cleaning Experts

SC Hot Tubs LLC, works with residential pool and hot tub systems. We service the Summit County area.  Throughout our many years of experience servicing commercial and residential hot tubs and pools, we've learned that many systems have very specific needs. Because of this, we've developed service and maintenance plans that are designed to cater to these unique demands.

When you work with SC Hot Tubs, you will work one-on-one with an expert service technician. We will learn exactly what your needs are, whether it is maintenance, a re-build, or a totally new system, and will provide you with the best solution. We believe that no job is too small and pride ourselves in our ability to stay within our clients' budgets and deliver our services in a timely manner.

Our Commitment

Hi Matthew here, I am the owner and operator of SC Hot Tubs and SC Window Washing. I have lived in Summit County for 20+ years. I started here as a ski bum like most of us but loved it here so much I decided to stay. I now have a wonderful family, I'm a home owner and now a business owner. 
Summit County home owners deserve top notch hot tub service. There is only half a dozen or so companies in the county and with high spa tech turn over rates year after year, you never know what your service will be like. I worked for one of these companies for 10 years and have seen a lot of shady things over the years. So I wanted to bring knowledge and quality service to the community I live in. Call today for your free hot tub consultation. 

Our Company

SC Hot Tubs is very exclusive. It is owner operated, witch helps with inconsistent service. This way I can be sure your hot tub or pool is safe and running smooth year after year. The number of accounts is limited. Less accounts means better service and quality for you. So if you are looking for a reliable hot tub company you can count on, SC Hot Tubs is for you. I look forward to providing excellent service for you and your guest. Call now, so you can experience why SC Hot Tubs is the clear choice for Summit County.